Welcoming the new exchange students

The Eucharist drew that great diversity of people into unity in the communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, realizing a Jubilee Year hope for the Church: Unity in diversity is the vision that we bishops, as pastors of the Church in the United States, offer to our people as they welcome the new immigrants and refugees who come to our shores. In the past thirty-five years the number and variety of immigrants coming to the United States have provided a great challenge for us as pastors. Though a good number come as skilled workers and professionals, the greater number come as refugees and immigrants on the edge of survival; large numbers join families already here; others arrive without proper documents.

Welcoming the new exchange students

Formalities after Arrival Here you can find useful information about what to do after your arrival in Germany. City Registration After finding accommodation, you have to register within the first two weeks of your stay at one of the offices of the City Hall. Their offices are located in all parts of the city.

All students have to present the following form together with a confirmation of the landlord for their apartment and their passport or for EU citizens alternatively: German Bank Account It is highly recommended to open a bank account in Germany for the duration of your stay.

You may open a bank account at a bank of your choice. Some institutes offer special conditions for students. In this case you must open an account. The office is located in Prager Str. For your registration you will need: Your passport original and copy of passport and visa The application form Proof of health insurance original and copy Proof of financial resources to cover your living costs original and copyincluding scholarship awarding letters from a German or EU public organization 1 passport sized picture Rental agreement original and copy Enrollment letter of HHL original and copy — will be provided after arrival For foreigners who are living in Germany and hold a residence permit for a different purpose not for studying at HHL: The fees are as follows: Free for citizens of Switzerland, and for all applicants with a public e.

A waiver of the mandatory fee is possible only in cases where the student is absent from Leipzig for a period of at least six months. The student union will decide based on the written application in German of the individual student. Non-EU citizens With some exceptions, non-EU-citizens must apply for a work permit exceptions see below.

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Permission will be granted in case the central employment office certifies after a priority review that no nationals from EEA countries are available for the same job.

Exceptions A Access to the labor market as a student: Salaries for the exceptions described in A are not limited. B Highly qualified employees for graduates: It is defined by the annual salary.

In case you receive more than EUR 48, per year forthere will not be a priority review. Internships for Exchange students In case of a nomination of your home university you may stay for an internship in Germany, provided you have passed a prior first semester as an exchange student at HHL.

Your nomination must show that an internship is a required part of your study program.

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In most cases this is a national type D visa, valid for Germany and the Schengen states. This visa is the basis to apply for a residence permit.

Welcoming the new exchange students

For this permit you must apply before the visa expires usually within the first 90 days of your stay.

With the residence permit or with a D visa you are allowed to travel within the Schengen states. For all other countries you might need a visa.Tens of thousands of students and recent graduates, each year, in over countries manage the operations of AIESEC.

In that way, we are truly "for youth, by youth.". In its initial launch, the app is geared to new international students. It guides them through every step of the process – uploading their study permits, providing a pre-departure checklist, airport arrival assistance, providing a registration checklist, and collecting emergency contact information.

Arriving in ? We look forward to welcoming you this September! Wondering how can you connect with other international students, or what else do you need to do before you arrive? Thanks to Rackham Donors we were able to fully fund 93% of doctoral students.

98% of doctoral students received financial aid. 21% of Master’s students had more than 50% full funding.

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Program Details. Exchange students may choose courses from the full-time pfmlures.com or the full-time MBA program. All courses at HHL are taught in English. The United States has historically been the top destination for international students owing to its quality higher education system, welcoming culture, and relatively open labor market.

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