Sacha defesche 2012 thesis

The Emergence of Mythology Kevin A. Whitesides1 and John W. Hoopes2 Abstract — Did the ancient Maya know what was in store for the world of the 21st century? Was there something they knew—yet to be revealed—about the fate of humankind?

Sacha defesche 2012 thesis

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Return it to the original title and start a proper RfC. We should use IRV: Let's see what this gives. At least it allows feedback. Even Stevens so far. I've added a further title. It is supposed to happen in so it's a prediction and it's based on the belief that the completion of the 13th Bak'tun is the end of this world so it IS a doomsday prediction.

Senor Cuete talk If anyone knows of other suitable boards or WPs, perhaps notices cld be placed there too. Two days down, one to go! I seriously doubt that terms such as "eschatology" or "millenarianism" are the most common names for this topic.

The majority of authors and sources producing speculations, and majority of those covered here, are not promoting doomsday scenarios. However, with a bit of luck, that might well be the most common one, too, however strictly inaccurate or inappropriate! Let's compromise and do it my way.

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Short Brigade Harvester Boris talk Er, no -- let's compromise and Sacha defesche 2012 thesis it the majority's way! Interesting to see the choices change, though, isn't it?

Only a few hours left. Should the choice turn out to be ' doomsday prediction' which, I agree, is not necessarily factually watertight, any more than most of the other options areI wouldn't think it's entirely inadmissible, given that the article would in that case merely be mentioning a few contrary theories as well, as any balanced presentation of a general theory presumably should.

Appropriate caveats could even be included in the text, such as 'In opposition to the prevailing 'doomsday' scenario, the New Age Thanks to all for voting, and thanks in advance to the supporters of the latter, too, for accepting the majority verdict. I found the process absolutely fascinating.

Sacha defesche 2012 thesis

Over to you, now, Shii. Would you please be kind enough to do the honours? I have already adjusted the text of the article to co-ordinate and correlate the contrasting approaches. I think I was probably just didn't pay enough attention to the discussion above. Knowing that, it's difficult for me to stick with the outcome of a vote.

I hope no one minds that I'm going to move this to the second most popular title until someone finds sources for the first most popular. This isn't a final decision by any means it's definitely not an admin actionand you should cast some suspicion on me for moving to the title I supported, but I think the lack of cited sources is a major issue here.

As Shii who originally changed the title from ' doomsday prediction' to ' millenarianism', no doubt on the basis of 'outside sources'!! I can understand that he's a bit loth to do it himself, but there's plenty of precedent in the article itself, to say nothing of the History Channel's output, for the word 'doomsday' I can currently see no less than seven references to the term.

However, I'm afraid that, at 72, the technicalities are a bit beyond me Even if it were, the poll now has an equal number of votes on both sides all from established editors so moving the page would not be in good faith.Sacha Defesche heeft 3 functies op zijn of haar profiel.

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conspiracy theory and millennialism in "the phenomenon". My Master's thesis generated quite a bit of interest from various media and can be read online Connections: Talk phenomenon/Archive 4. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

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Sacha defesche 2012 thesis

In his master’s thesis Sacha Defesche traces the origins of the phenomenon, from the Brothers McKenna to Jose Arguelles to David Icke and beyond.

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