Profitability and sustainability analysis of superstore industry marketing essay

Hire Writer In spite of the global strides made by Tesla in terms of technological developments, global branding and market adoption, it remains a relatively young company within a nascent industry — compared to the year-old internal combustion vehicle industry. Not surprisingly, the amount of literature and research devoted to the company and the electric vehicle industry in general is limited. Further exacerbating current research gaps, existing research and analysis of Tesla has focused almost exclusively on the technological strides made by the company. As such, an even more serious research gap exists related to the marketing and business aspects of the company and its products.

Profitability and sustainability analysis of superstore industry marketing essay

In a partnership with the Boston Consulting Group, the survey gathered more than responses from executives and managers across all industries and regions. The overall results show that more companies are taking sustainability seriously and are even benefiting financially from sustainable business practices.

The 7 Fundamentals Of Sustainable Business Growth

While traipsing through the data, the leaders and laggards may catch some industry watchers by surprise: Automakers narrowly edged out the energy and utilities sector when it came to answering the question whether their companies were making the business case for sustainability.

At 41 percent, the affirmative response from respondents within the automobile industry was double that of the laggards, financial services and media companies. Considering some of the recent work of Ford and GMperhaps this finding should not be a shock.

The larger the company, the more likely the company has made sustainability a priority. The survey suggests a correlation between the size of the company and whether or not sustainability is on the agenda. Companies with overemployees are more likely to have a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Naturally larger companies have the resources to hire internal staff and consultants to advise them on making such a shift.

Sustainable business is profitable. The survey data shows the opposite true: Companies interested in sustainability have got to set clear goals and develop a targeted plan to see a link between more responsible business practices and profits.

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Sustainability does not necessarily bring quantifiable results. What are the leading benefits from embracing sustainability? The most common outcomes stated in the survey were not necessarily related to reduced costs or improved margins.

Instead, improved brand reputation, increased competitive advantage, and better innovation were the top three results that came from an agenda focused on sustainability.

Outside pressure leads to profitability. The top three factors that led to a shift in these companies business models, according to the survey, were customer preferences, resource scarcity and legislative or political pressure.

Are the days of making the excuse that sustainability is a luxury or only good for public relations reasons over?

Profitability and sustainability analysis of superstore industry marketing essay

Read the entire report, learn the ties between sustainability and profitability and peruse through the data visualization tools here. Photo of Wall Street courtesy Leon Kaye. Follow Leon Kaye leonkaye.Sustainability Analysis in Marketing Plan • Sustainability is continued development or growth, without significant deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources on which human well-being depends.

A strong purpose drives growth and profitability. Sales and marketing experts often talk about “unique selling propositions,” or “USP,” which Entrepreneur depending on the industry. The Coffee Bean: A Value Chain and Sustainability Initiatives Analysis Melissa Murphy, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT USA Timothy J.

Dowding, University of Connecticut, Stamford CT USA Issues relating to people, profit, and governance are the same for both cultivation.

Value chain analysis is a powerful tool for managers to identify the key activities within the firm which form the value chain for that organisation, and have the potential of a sustainable .

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FMI | Food Marketing Institute | Grocery Industry Economic Impact Competitors include large and small manufacturers, as well as marketers with strong capabilities with respect to recognizing shifting consumer interests and bringing new products to market. Both entities measured building sets -- dominated by Lego with an 85 percent market share -- as the highest growth segment of at 20 percent.
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