Essay on communicative competence spanish grammar

English Language Corbett says that it's been commonly accepted in the dialect teaching profession that it's insufficient for students to understand grammar, lexis and phonology of a foreign language; they must also acquire the ability to use the words culturally and socially in appropriate ways.

Essay on communicative competence spanish grammar

More Essay Examples on Communication Rubric Developing Oral Communicative Competence Measuring communicative competence of second language speakers with accuracy has been considered to be a difficult task - Developing oral communicative competence Essay introduction.

One of the major reasons in support of this argument is the lack of definite parameters for an accurate evaluation.

Essay on communicative competence spanish grammar

Often linguistic competence is taken to be the yardstick for measuring communicative competence. In order to measure objectively the communicative competence of a second language speaker, we need to define what is communicative competence and distinguish it from linguistic competence.

After that we should examine how they are related to each other and establish their relationship.

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This evaluation will reveal that a speaker naturally moves from communicative competence to linguistic competence. A child first learns to speak, then progresses to learn the linguistic features like syntax and grammar. Hence, the natural course of acquiring a language should be from communicative competence to linguistic competence.

The focus of interest in this study is the case of Nas who is a second language learner who wants to develop his oral communication skills.

In order to make Nas proficient in oral skills to enable him to discharge his present duties effectively and help him to progress in his career, a strategic plan is devised for the development of his oral communication skills. It is not the usual academic practice drills. His tutor has developed a plan fully incorporating the dynamics of oral communication skills as Savignon, points out: The strategy adopted for developing the oral skills of Nas can be evaluated by using the above parameter.

Before attempting to assess the learner, it is necessary to have sufficient background information about the learner. This requirement has been successfully met by gathering the personal details of Nas.

Nas is currently working as a valet attendant at a hotel. Excerpts from the case study The first requirement of an effective teaching strategy is to understand the learner fully.

The teacher has attempted to initiate Nas into interactions, which are spontaneous, unrehearsed and realistic. According to Savignon the linguistic features of communication are embedded in the cultural context of the speaker. They include a host of non-verbal communication cues such as distance, posture, gestures and facial expressions.

The learner in question communicates in this manner. Nas is not constrained by the grammatical correctness of his utterances. He is keen to transfer his ideas using all the non-verbal skills along with his verbal knowledge. This shows that his strategic competence in communication is very high.

His language proficiency is quite high. He is fully bilingual with Arabic and French and he can also understand a bit of Spanish. His English abilities are elementary.

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That being said, when speaking with him he is quite effective at communicating his ideas through non-verbal methods and through his own patience.Grammar Competence is full filled up with rule's sentence structure, creating sentences based on grammar, conversing with guidelines, whereby the feeling of natural dialect was absent.

As a result professors of terminology thought that there can something more than "Grammar Competence", and there as a principal goal of Communicative Terms.

As "communicative competence" is the desired goal, in CLT, meaning is important. In socio-cognitive perspectives, language is viewed as a vehicle of conveying meaning, and knowledge is transmitted through communication involving two parts, for example, speakers and listeners, and writers and readers, but is constructed through negotiation.

Free Shipping on Qualified pfmlures.comicative language teaching (CLT), or the communicative approach, is an approach to language teaching that emphasizes interaction Related Essays: Communicative Language Teaching Communicative Competence in the .

Apr 07,  · View and download communicative language teaching essays examples. This means that successfully learning a foreign language is assessed in terms of how well learners have developed their communicative competence, which can loosely be defined as their ability to apply knowledge of both formal and sociolinguistic aspects of a language with.

CLT is an approach to teaching a second language or a foreign language through interaction with the aim of developing communication competence among students. Foreign language teaching had terms competence as its main goal prior to the appearance of the communicative language teaching strategy.

Methods like the audio-lingual method focused on the dialect competence of the learners.

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