Business planets in astrology meaning

Do not confuse the wheel of Houses with the zodiac wheel. They are 2 different wheels. The 2 wheels join together at points derived by calculations involving your exact birth time and astronomical birth coordinates.

Business planets in astrology meaning

The symbolisms of the 12 zodiac signs are very limited. But the scope of the symbolisms for the planets are much more broader, and more useful and applicable to the crucial issues of our daily lives.

For example, none of the symbolisms of the planets cover key areas of our lives. But the symbolisms for the planets include such matters as marriage, sexual attraction, pregnancy, health, quite a few of the important parts of the body and different talents and professions.

The symbolisms of the planets also include success and failure and even love. In the Planetary Geometry Section of our website, and all of our books, we explain how you can utilize the symbolisms of the planets in order to better understand your life and the world around you in order to help you fulfill your dreams.

Below are the symbolisms business planets in astrology meaning Magi Astrology as published in our third book. They are often very different from those of Traditional and Popular astrology.

It is this same research that discovered that CHIRON rules marriage, children and spouses and this has now been confirmed by astrologers worldwide. Our worldwide membership have confirmed to us that these symbolisms of Magi Astrology are by FAR the most accurate and useful set of symbolisms available anywhere.

The symbolisms listed below are quite extensive, but a more complete set is in one part of the Members Only Section of our website. And some are a combination of the above.

business planets in astrology meaning

Venus has dominion over intimacy and sexual energy and desire in the woman; it also signifies sex appeal, beauty, grace, fashion and being fashionable, socializing and sociability, and partnerships and the act of unification such as a weddingbut not the marriage itself.

Venus has dominion over combining and coordinating different things, including parts of the body, countries, companies, ideas, and any two things whatsoever.

Venus rules the companion and companionship, friendship and friends, being together, joining, cooperating, and merging; also possessions, money, social standing, jewels and adornment, and luxury. This is very interesting: Venus rules seduction, the act of making love, female sexuality and sexual energy in the woman; and it is representative of charm, harmony, and a sense of humor.

A benefic is a term of ancient astrology referring to a planet that is highly beneficial and one that brings good luck or high levels of something beneficial and helpful, as well as victory and championships. Mars is a Sexual Planet; it represents the body and muscles, motion, bodily movements and activity, energy, initiative, the sex drive especially in menwar, weapons of war, aggression, anger, violence, temper, belligerency, the soldier, the warrior, violence, accidents, sudden disruptions including accidentscompetitiveness, athletic competition, and the athlete.

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Since Mars rules the body, it has dominion over what we do with the body, such as athletic endeavors, dance and ballet, and also pure physical labor. Mars is associated with pure physical attraction of the body, as distinguished from emotional and even sexual attraction.

Venus rules female sexuality, but Mars is the ruler of male sexuality. Mars governs initiative and being a person of action, as opposed to indecision and excessive contemplation.

It also rules the dancer and farmer, laborer and carpenter, and any profession that has a primary requirement of using the body. Mars signifies crudeness, vulgarity, macho attitudes, and the he-man. Pluto is both a Sexual Planet and a Financial Planet; Pluto is the ruler of sexuality, lust, obsessive desires, and the sex organs.

This overlaps in some ways with Mars, that symbolizes pure physical attraction, but there is a difference.

Pluto is also representative of power; the establishment; and things that enhance or preserve power, such as atomic energy and weapons, politics, great success, big business, corporations, and advertising.

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Pluto signifies dictatorships and oppression, as well as the state of being oppressive; this leads to Pluto signifying the super ego and undeserved self-esteem. Pluto represents the ingredients of great wealth, such as investments, the banking industry, the loaning of money, the issuance of debt, and the ability to pay it back; as well as most financial instruments, such as bonds and mortgages.

It also represents gambling and betting, the trading of financial instruments of all types, and also corporations. It provides the ability to take advantage of and capitalize on something in order to make a profit.

Pluto has dominion over drastic changes that are true upheavals, and in this regard, it represents beginnings and endings.

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Pluto rules obsessions of all kinds, including emotional and sexual ones. Also, Pluto is ruler of the actual sex act, as opposed to lovemaking and seduction, which are ruled by Venus. Venus seduces you; Pluto simply throws you on the bed and says, "Take off your clothes.

Neptune is both a Romance Planet and a Financial Planet, it rules longevity and anything that has to do with the long term, including true love and long-term relationships but not marriage, because Chiron rules marriage.

It is Neptune that imparts sensuality to women. Neptune also represents creativity, inspirations, and whatever inspires.

Neptune has dominion over morals, ethics, and ethical behavior and standards; it signifies sensitivity and gentleness. Neptune was the mythical god of the sea and rules whatever involves the sea and water, such as shipping.Even though Mars retrograde officially begins on June 26, (at 9°13′ Aquarius) and ends on August 27 (at 28°36′ Capricorn), those Mars retrograde dates can .

HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY AND YOUR HOROSCOPE "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth" Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta ( B.C.). Saturn, is the ruler of Capricorn. In Greek Mythology, Cronus was one of the Titans, and the father of Zeus.

Cronus ate his children to prevent himself from being dethroned as the King of the Gods. That is, until his wife, Rhea, tricked him into swallowing a stone when Zeus was born. In astrology. Jupiter: The Planet of Luck.

Jupiter is the thinking-person’s planet. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.

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