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These positions tend to go to Harvard students, but I will consider applicants from comparable institutions.

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

Gates does not say who the professor was. Perhaps Otto Eckstein, who taught the course for many years. Otto was indeed the head professor, but Mr.

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Gates was probably referring to his section leader Robby Moorewho is now at Occidental College. Professor Moore emails me: Hi Professor Mankiw -- I was reading your blog, and just wanted to let you know that I was the teaching fellow who had Bill Gates in my Ec.

I actually sat next to you at the memorial service for our friend, Chip Case. In any event, it was the Currier House section that met up in Radcliffe Yard, and the academic year was Steve Ballmer was also in the section of about 25 students. I am sure it was the fall semester since Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard after the micro portion of the course and I believe Bill Gates was a sophomore at the time.

The rest is history I became a lowly Head Section Leader of Ec. Many economists believe that the most important thing FDR did to help the economy recover from the Great Depression was to go off the gold standard.

As part of that policy, he pursued laws that rewrote many bond contracts, annulling gold clauses. It was controversial then and surely would be again if such an issue were ever to arise.

Edwards does a wonderful job telling the story. The headline and tone of the article suggest something nefarious is going on. But unless you think that future charitable spending is less admirable than current charitable spending, nothing of the sort is the case.

True, the money managers make some money from these funds, but they do for every pool of money they manage. Is contributing to a college endowment suspect because some money manager will be paid to invest the money? Moreover, these fees need not be excessive. True, there is lack of transparency. But charitable giving need not be public.In the Shadows of Ghosts.

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Taking Pleasure In The Beauty Of Restrained Women. Recently: Some of you may remember an old Harmony bondage magazine called Love Bondage: the bondage was real, but the gimmick was supposedly that everybody involved was super into it (i.e.

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I was in LA two weeks ago, to record the person who is playing the actual Voice of God in Good Omens.

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