Academic writing practice for ielts task 1 pie

June 21, Sample essay:

Academic writing practice for ielts task 1 pie

And you et an account on Twitter? Dominic Cole December 26, at 8: On Twitter I am teacherdominic. Reply arman January 13, at Dominic Dominic Cole January 13, at 8: I really enjoy getting comments and this is a particularly intelligent one. You make a good point that it is women who live to 83 and not men.

I am looking for a way to organise the report and that is the way I chose. Do I mention the word? I use another word instead: Let me try and explain. How could I conclude the difference was 5 years?


That much you can see. Learn how to write about numbers see my post on this. Yes, it does take time to work out the figures but you have time to do it. The writing part is 10 minutes only. The report is only words long. You can write words in 10 minutes if you know what you want to say.

The mistake is to start writing after 2 minutes. Your writing becomes a mess. Think carefully about what you want to say and then write.

Start off doing it in 40 minutes if you like, then 35 minutes, then You know you are ready for the exam when you can do it in 20 minutes. Reply Theresa February 4, at 8: OMG i feel stressed a lot, but your help makes my goal of achieving 7. I have also an offer from England and they want me to achieve 7.

What are you going to study?IELTS Academic Writing Task 1. In this task you will be presented with a graph, table, chart or diagram and asked to describe, summarise or explain the given information.. How to answer IELTS Academic Task 1? 1) Analyse the graph.

Firstly, you need to get an overview of . May 11,  · IELTS Writing Task 1 The chart show the main methods of transportation for people travelling to one university for work or study in and /5(1).

academic writing practice for ielts task 1 pie

Here is one Academic IELTS Writing Task1 map question – A history of two villages Here is my sample answer: The three maps show the history of two villages of Fonton and Meadowside in and and their current appearance. There are 2 different formats of IELTS Writing is IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic module and the other is IELTS Writing Task 1 General module.

However, for both modules of IELTS Writing Task 1, you will have to produce a writing of words based on the given information. Types of Charts. In the IELTS Academic Task 1, you must be able to identify, understand and describe various types of graphic information.

This is considered an important academic skill, because it shows you can intelligently and clearly interpret and describe data presented in .

IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample: Pie Chart This IELTS writing task 1 sample is a pie chart. Below the pie chart is a model answer. With pie charts you are usually given 2, 3, or 4 to compare.

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